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Reflecting on My Journey in 2022: becoming a data science aficionado after coming from a non-tech background


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Let's go back in time a little bit.

From a non-tech background to a data science enthusiast! We must go back a few years to when I completed my higher secondary education in 2017. I don't know what I'll pick for my graduation. I do well in chemistry and at that time I am watching Breaking Bad, which I find to be very interesting. I made the irrational decision to pursue chemistry, not just chemistry it's Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry and prepare some meth after watching Mr. Walter White and Jessie Pinkman in that series as lab chemists who were cooking meth. So I enrolled in college, and three years passed. Without any back papers or supplies during the course, I graduated in the year 2020. But since everyone has one, it is merely a formality. So I acquired one as well.

Then I consider what comes next. Consider applying for a job. That was during the corona. I applied to one company, and after Interview, I got a job. Because of the high rate of corona spreading, I decided to leave the position and look for another one. But because my family is feeding me, I am in my comfort zone. But after a while, I start to feel bad, so I start eagerly looking for work. At the end of 2021, I was hired as a lab chemist in Karnataka. I went there and realized later that it was not what I was looking for in terms of a career because it was the same thing every day. So I quit the job within a month of joining and return home.

My First Line of Code and Some Failed Attempts

Next, I make an effort to look for other employment in the last of 2021. My brother worked as a data analyst at the time, but he was at home in 2020 because of the corona. I, therefore, overheard him discussing coding, machine learning, and other topics at that time. So I questioned him about whether a non-technical man could enter the IT industry. Yes, he replied. I then decided to start coding. He advised me to learn Python after I had begun with C.

I then started researching that. I was considering studying overseas at the time. So, on the one hand, I'm studying Python, and on the other, I'm looking at colleges in the UK. So, while browsing YouTube, I came across the field of data science. I'm just interested in learning more about it. arithmetic combined with coding. I then look into whether this is a vocation that would suit me. I decided to look through my possessions to see if anything might work. I come across memories from my youth when I used to analyze cricket and football games. At that time, My friends were just talking about the teams that won matches and the goal scorers. I looked at the players who controlled the game, performed well, and moved well. At that time, I also watch cricket and analyse run rates to forecast scores as well as batsmen's strike rates and fielders' economies, among other things. I so decided to study data science abroad, but after making the necessary preparations, It's failed.

From Comfort Zone to Career Change: A Data Science Journey

As a backup plan at the time, I acquired or. A startup in Kerala that specializes in self-learning programs, called Brototype, is where I want to go. Brocamp is a self-study program. I thus chose to go there. I traveled to Kochi after making a reservation for a may batch. It was there that the new beginning began. Simply because I am a 22-year-old man without a prior life plan. who simply went along with things and decided to step out of his comfort zone and work toward a goal he had at the time.

They hold a fumigation interview, which is a little challenging because it takes commitment and logical reasoning to get through the three rounds. But the person who decided to alter his course. This was of no great concern. I succeeded on my first attempt. Everything then starts. The self-learning course offered by Brocamp is a 24-week journey that calls for commitment, diligence, and a desire to learn. I am aware of how steep the learning curve was. An introduction to web design using HTML, CSS, and bootstrap came first. The following step is learning Python. I do, however, have some knowledge of Python, but I almost forgot everything. I just began at the beginning. The Brocamp is a highly intensive training program. Which requires dedication and perseverance to succeed every week. Because a subject-matter expert will evaluate us at the end of each week. Therefore, to pass, we must use every aspect of the language. My consistency and dedication have therefore increased as a result of that. Then, in the weeks that followed, I studied the Python frameworks Django and SQL while also applying what I had learned. Then began using Python Django to build a complete end-to-end project.

And then, the real journey began - Data Science. What I had always wanted to pursue. I started with revisiting the mathematics that I studied in high school and higher secondary levels, then moved on to linear algebra, matrices, calculus, probability, and statistics, learning about the Python libraries for data science, and diving into machine learning and deep learning. During this time, I also enrolled in several courses on Coursera, where I discovered Andrew Ng - a pioneer in machine learning and deep learning. His wealth of experience and knowledge provided me with invaluable insights into these fields. During this time, I learned a lot of things, like how consistency can improve our skills and how small daily learnings can contribute to reaching our goals. The biggest lesson I learned was that discipline equals freedom. Now, I am determined to achieve even more. To do that, I am starting a new habit of writing blogs to share my knowledge in this field.

Translating Knowledge into Action: My Collection of Web Development and Data Science Projects

Insurance Premium Price Prediction Website System (ongoing)

Developing a scalable end-to-end machine learning pipeline project. Trying to develop an entire website system in which we can download logs, artifacts, and pickle files and also retain the model. Also, we can make predictions and save all the new data to a NoSQL database which helps for future retraining.

Data Science Salary Estimator

Developed a Data Science Salary Estimator tool by doing scraping, feature engineering, model optimization, and API implementation in Python utilizing libraries such as Selenium, Scikit-learn, and Flask.

Pepper E-commerce Website

End-to-end e-commerce website using python django that specializes in selling women's vintage model dresses. The website has a user-facing side and a custom-made admin side, both of which are fully responsive and have a range of functionalities. Hosted on AWS EC2 and the database is hosted on AWS RDS (PostgreSQL). The Images are served by AWS S3 Bucket.

US Accidents analysis

The project is to analyze a dataset containing details of accidents that occurred in the United States to gain insights into the factors that contribute to accidents and to identify patterns and trends in the data.

And some mini-works...

Expanding My Horizons: Learning Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

Currently, I am focusing on learning computer vision and natural language processing. I have plans to work on projects in these fields and eventually combine them to work on a large-scale, industry-level project. I am actively seeking internships to further my learning and gain practical experience in the field.

The goal has been set and the path is almost covered, now just waiting to reach the destination.

Feel free to connect with me. I am always looking to build something great.

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